We observe.
We learn.

We Talk.

We observe.
We learn.

We Talk.

The new transCampus talk series on community mental health, well-being and empowerment.

We (Well-being Empowerment) Talk – is a novel platform created to share, discuss and connect insights from research on well-being and empowerment in communities.

We Talk starts as a series of stimulating talks to facilitate scientific exchange, community engagement and new interdisciplinary cooperation within King’s College LondonTU Dresden and beyond.

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Why do we need We Talk?

Our entire life is built on communities. Families, peer-groups, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and many more fundamentally affect individual and societal well-being and the resulting socio-economic side-effects. At the same time, mental conditions are very common and the gap between those who could benefit from care and support and those who are actually able to access evidence-based interventions is wide.

Therefore, we believe that the existing body of ideas, knowledge and experience on how to improve health and happiness starting at the community level should be made available as an impactful source of inspiration, empowerment and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Talks

Tatiana Salisbury, PhD
Rethinking how we support young mothers

Julia Kirsten
Mental Health Allies

Dr. Denise Dörfel
Supporting social interactions and health with flexible emotion regulation – Part 1

Nicole Votruba – 
Mrs. President, we need to talk about mental health!

The talks cover questions such as:

Why are empowerment and social connectedness in communities essential for human health and happiness?

How can positive change be implemented in communities?

What constitutes today’s successful interventions and what are promising opportunities to improve everyday and long-term health and happiness?

We Talk stories

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Apply as a speaker

You are warmly invited to contribute to the We Talk community as a speaker. To get started we kindly ask you to fill out this Speaker Application Formular. Click here

Who is behind We Talk?

We Talk is initiated by On The Move e.V., a non-profit organization that aims to empower local communities to take charge of their mental health and well-being, to strengthen the network of people working in the field of community mental health within the transCampus initiative of King’s College London and TU Dresden. This will further unfold the potential of the unique partnership between two of Europe’s leading academic institutions to improve global well-being. The driving force of the project is a group of motivated students which is highly passionate about community mental health and empowerment.

Our partners

On The Move e.V.

Get in Touch!

Feel free to reach out to us with any kind of question you might have regarding We Talk. Just send an E-mail to wetalk@on-the-move.de and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We Talk.